Best Speech Therapy Apps

Best Speech Therapy Apps on the Market Today

Whether you’re an SLP college student, parent with a child who has speech delays, or simply someone who’s trying to improve your American English accent- speech tutor apps are a great way to do it. With that being said, let’s take a look at the top five on the market today.

Speech Therapy Apps: Speech Tutor

This app is one of the best in the fields of speech therapy. It contains the latest imaging technology, which will literally allow users to see the placement of their tongues when speaking! It’s an invaluable way to save yourself thousands of dollars by not having to hire a professional speech therapist. Here are a few other key qualities to consider about this app:

  • It offers a “Front View” as well as “Side View” for every production of sound (when can be viewed in three different speeds: fast, medium, or slow).
  • Movies can be paused at any point in time.
  • Over 130 animations.

With so many useful and high-quality animations, users will definitely have their hands full with this wonderful app. But the benefits don’t stop there. It also comes with an array of learning tools that will help the user master their English consonants, for instance.

There are also “milestones” that can be achieved within that app that, once completed, will allow the user to move on to the next sound. Finally, users of Speech Tutor will have the ability to record themselves as they speak and practice. They can then play it before and after their target sounds to see how much progress they’ve made on a particular sound.

Speech Therapy Apps: Speech Trainer 3D

This unique app was created specifically for people with speech-sound disorders for the English language. What you’ll love most about Speech Trainer 3D is that it offers animated videos for both vowels as well as consonants. Similar to Speech Tutor, it offers a front and side view. It comes with 32 sounds for the English language (8 vowels and 23 consonants). The app was created by an established speech-language pathologist, so it’s easy to smell the value that it has to offer from a mile away. It’s great for people who are struggling with the production of certain sounds, as well as parents and special educators.

Speech Therapy Apps: Articulation Station

If you have young children who are suffering with their speaking, Articulation Station is a winner, that’s for sure. There are 6 effective articulation activities associated with the app, more than enough to keep your child busy for hours working on their sounds. It can also work very effectively for adults. The visually appealing and high-quality images within the app won’t be overshadowed by the fun-filled activities that await your child. Each one of the 22 sound programs within Articulation Station offer practice in three different “modes”. These include:

  1. Word Mode
  2. Sentence Mode
  3. Story Mode

It’s so fun that children will actually forget that they’re working. Most of the sounds have approximately 60 target words each which again, for the minimal amount paid for the app, will definitely allow you get amazing value for your dollar.

Speech Therapy Apps: Articulate It!

There are few speech therapy apps that match up to the caliber that Articulate It has to offer. What you’ll love most about this app is that it contains more than 1,000 different images, each of which have been specifically placed there for optimal learning of various sounds. There are 72 scenes that target story level, which makes it perfect for younger children (but it’s great for all levels of articulation too). Once a user completes a session on the app, the history of that specific session will be saved so that it can be retrieved later to measure progress. Tapping on these saved recordings will allow the student (or parent) to target that session and listen to what sounds were attempted.

Speech Therapy Apps: Describe it to Me

Last, but certainly not least, is Describe it to Me. This exciting, multi-level game was created with the sole purpose of helping children and adults who are experiencing speech-related problems. What makes this app exceptionally exciting is that offers a “game show”-like atmosphere that will engage learners with a variety of questions as they build a deeper understanding of the English language. When playing this game, a spinner is going to show along with the active player. They’ll be able to swap between target categories, which range from extras, visuals, locations, and more. Finally, the report center will allow you to see your virtual “report card”, which are associated with points and awards to measure progress and strengths/weaknesses.

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